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From Shef Biotech to Biovatic LifeScience: A Journey of Excellence


Few stories in the healthcare industry are as motivating as Shef Biotech's transformation into Biovatic LifeScience. What started as a small business in 1998 has grown into a major player in the life sciences industry. Today, we explore this company's amazing journey, tracking its development and phenomenal growth.

Beginning of Shef Biotech

Beginning as a small but ambitious business, SHEF BIOTECH was motivated by a love for the potential of biotechnology to change people's lives. The business was started by leaders with a clear vision and set out on a path that would ultimately transform the biotech sector. Beginning with research and development, SHEF BIOTECH concentrated on projects that would advance human health.

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Pharmaceutical Excellence.

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BIOVATIC LIFESCIENCE is a fast growing pharmaceuticals company in India. We apply research, technology and science to innovate and develop high quality medicines. We are passionate about are mission of “TRUSTED CARE FOR BETTER LIFE.”

Preserving Life,
Enhancing Health

Empowering Wellness Through Innovative Pharmaceuticals.

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